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The wound is the place where the light enters you.



A Bit About Online Therapy

Yes, therapy can be done from the comfort of your own home. Studies have shown online therapy sessions to be just as effective as in person. And, in some cases, more helpful!

No more racing out of the office or class to get stuck in traffic, and barely making it to your session. No more limited access to the help you need because you live in a rural area. As long as you live in California we can get you started with your virtual therapy experience.​

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Get to Know Your Therapist

Magena Ammen, LMFT #102661 

I've experienced my own traumas and dramas, which has given me a level of empathy difficult to match, and the inside scoop on the journey ahead. Add in a lot of education and professional experience and you get creative, collaborative therapy with me. 

Since 2013, I've seen my clients go from just making it through and constantly in pain to experiencing more joy in life. Want to join the many that came before you?

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With You Every Step of the Way

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Couples Counseling

Feeling stuck in your relationship? It might be time to seek support. Couples sessions help you to better communicate and find ways of connecting to better meet challenges together. Contact me today to find your best self in your relationship.

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Trauma Therapy

If you've made it here, you’re ready to work through your trauma and for life to feel less painful.

What if life could be gentler and more stable? What if you didn’t have to feel on edge or down and out?

I’ve got the fancy techniques to help you like Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), but also that dark, sarcastic humor that’s helped you to get through all this stuff.

We’ll use those fancy techniques to help you navigate the minefield of pain so you can come out the other side. When we experience trauma, it can get stuck in parts of your brain and body. Our work together allows it to be metabolized by your whole brain, and by extension, your body. Your mind and body don’t have to feel like a haunted house anymore.

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Individualized Counseling

Are you fed up with feeling anxious or depressed?  Are you ready to get your life back?

You've already got what you need to get there within you, and we'll work together to remove what's getting in the way. We'll make a specialized mix of therapies to meet your individual needs and get you back on track. 


Contact & Pricing

I love helping clients develop the tools needed to cope with all of life’s challenges. Contact me today to learn more and book a free consultation.



Individual Therapy: $150 for 50-60 minute appointment

Couples Therapy: $150 for 50-60 minute appointment

Extended Individual or Couples Therapy: $225 for a 90 minute session

Therapy Add On: $75 for 30 minutes

Therapy Add On: $150 for 60 minutes


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