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Get to Know Your Therapist

Magena Ammen, LMFT #102661 

I've experienced my own traumas and dramas, which has given me a level of empathy difficult to match, and the inside scoop on the journey ahead. Add in a lot of education, training, and professional experience and you get creative, collaborative therapy with me. 

Therapy isn't just a place where you do hard things. You may cry, but we'll also laugh. I find a little whit goes a long way. Being myself in all my glory; cussing, sarcasm, and a splash of dark humor will hopefully make space for you to bring your whole self to the process. 

It's important for me to building a trusting relationship with you so we can actually do the work you came to do. Once the relationship begins then we throw in some fancy therapies and all the therapy magic happens.




Since 2013, I've seen my clients go from just making it through and constantly in pain to experiencing more joy in life. Want to join the many that came before you?

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