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Insurance & Fees

$250 for 50-60 minute session

375 for a 90 minute session

$200 for 50-60 minute reduced rate chronic pain session

Therapy Add On: $125 for 30 minutes

Therapy Add On: $250 for 60 minutes

Neither Magena Ammen nor this office is a member of insurance panels or networks, and therefore does not accept insurance and is considered an Out of Network Provider. As of January 2024 Magena Ammen and Elevate Psych Services have opted out of being a Medicare provider as well.

If you wish, we will provide you with an invoice, or sometimes called a “SUPERBILL”, that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement consideration. Please be aware that Telehealth coverage will vary from plan to plan and is continuing to be re-evaluated as a covered service by insurance companies.

***Please note that reimbursement is no guarantee, and to assure accuracy of what your plan provides, we suggest that you contact your insurance company and inquire as to whether your plan is eligible for OUT OF NETWORK PROVIDERS, and what the parameters of the plan include.

For your convenience, below is a list of questions and guidelines to refer to when inquiring to your insurance company/plan. Please remember to state that the therapist is an Out-Of-Network Provider.

1. If the therapeutic service is Telehealth, is it covered? If so, for how long? Eligible for both Video and Phone? What modifier/Place of Service code is needed?

2. Copayment (flat fee) or Coinsurance (percentage) for both Telehealth, and regular office visits: Is this being waived for Telehealth? If so, until when?

3. Deductible (if applicable): Is this being waived right now? Until when?

4. Do I have unlimited sessions? If not, what is my limit?

5. When do benefits start & renew?

6. Have I met my deductible so far this year?

7. Is Pre-authorization needed? (for some plans, authorization is needed only after a certain number of sessions)

8. Out-of-pocket maximum (amount you pay per year before plan starts paying 100%)

9. Claims address or electronic payer ID for MENTAL HEALTH claims

10. Are CPT codes 90847 (for couples) covered?

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