Image by Brooke Cagle

Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

Joy is Possible

You are so done with having to drag yourself out of bed, drinking 10 cups of coffee just to feel something, and giving self inflicted pep talks that don't friggin' work! Maybe your friends and family don't even notice the struggle and they think you're doing GREAT! In reality you feel like a hot mess, of a hot mess, of a hot mess... if that's even a thing.  

Well, guess what?! You already have what you need within you to get where you want to be, and we'll work together to remove what's getting in the way. We'll make a specialized mix of therapies to meet your individual needs and get you back on track. 

The next thing you know you'll be handling challenges that come your way with more ease, be able to respond versus react, and experience more joy in your life. Yes! I said it... JOY! That thing, that seemingly elusive thing people talk about. Yep, glitter and unicorns. You got it!